Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Turning the big 3-0!

I was so blessed last week, with it being my 30th birthday and all, to have so many great times with so many great people.  On Wednesday, Matt's parents had us over for dinner for my birthday.  Linda made taco bar fixings and we had my favorite for dessert- brownies!  On Thursday I went to dinner with my good friend Amy to a favorite spot- Roman Cucina, YUM! We had a great time, NO KIDS! :)  THEN... on Friday I went to a day spa all day with my sis, Amy.  We had lunch, massages, then went shopping.  My idea of a great day!  SOOOO, then we pull up to my house and I see my shutters closed TIGHTLY in my front window, open the door and SURPRISE!!!  Everybody is standing in MY living room, in MY house (which was nothing near clean when I left at 11 am)!!  It was such a surprise to see all of my friends & family there to celebrate ME!  I just want to tell all of you who were there, or helped plan- THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart.  That meant so much to me, to have you all there with me to start another decade of my life.  So here's to my next 30!! (Or 40, or 50, or whatever!) I love you all!

Matt & my sister planned an evening of 'Cupcakes & Cocktails'. Everything was so cute! All the little details, from the invites, to cupcakes (my fav), to centerpieces! They know me so well...

Everyone waiting for me...

"Oh my gosh, you scared the crap out of me!" I believe were my exact words.

Everything looked so cute. I was so proud of my hubby! 

They even had a pasta bar for dinner. It was amazing!
Thank you, again to you all.  Even the ones who couldn't make it... Love ya lots!!

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Andrea said...

AW! I was so bummed that I couldn't make it! It looks like it was fantastic.