Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Crazy Cousins

A couple of weeks ago we had the privilege of having Georgie & Gillian over to spend the weekend with us. I always LOVE having them, not only because they help me tremendously, but because they are the most wonderful kids to have around! I love having their influence around my kids and we had such a great time with them. It's also fun to see what our lives are going to be like in a few years... (BUSY!!)

Georgie is now quite the musician (wonder where he gets that from:). He is in band at school playing the saxophone, in a jazz band as well as a ukulele band! He is one crazy talented kid, and manages to run in track and cross country, too! Matt's ran with him a couple of times and calls him a "deer". I tell him it's okay, that he's just getting older...

One of the many times Georgie brought out his guitar (yah, he plays that too) and was just singing with the kids. Our neighbors must have thought there was a concert in our backyard! The kids LOVED it, and they spent a WHILE just listening to him. It was nice for me- I cracked open a window and had great music while I was doing dishes!

I brought out the chalk after we went to the local carnival, and the kids had a great time drawing. I think I still have the "Mac Daddy of Funk" insignia on my driveway... teenagers! :)

...again- TEENAGERS!

Blakey's ready to ride a bike!

He left that darn helmet on the whole time, HA HA!!

Tyler's FAVORITE pastime with his cousin. I think Georgie was probably SO tired of light sabers by the time they left!

My sweet Goddaughter Gillian Rose...
She is getting so big and beautiful, and FUNNY! She has me cracking up all the time- spouting off her little one-liners. You have to ask her to do her 'Anjelah Johnson' routine next time you see her. Kid is hilarious... and the best babysitter!

Jazz and George, you must be SO proud of your kids... I only pray that mine are as sweet, caring, loving, faithful, gentle, committed, helpful and genuinely kind as yours are. Love you guys!!

Happy Mother's Day!

I had the BEST Mother's Day ever this year!! It started off with a very special Mom's Day Tea, put on by Camryn's Kindergarten class. They had the tables set with hand-made placemats, painted mugs with flowers and then served us cookies with strawberries and punch! They even had a video of all the kids saying something special about their moms! The teachers outdid themselves, but it was so cute to see how excited the kids were!

Then I decided to host a '1st Annual Mother's Day Tea' (kinda last minute) so our family could celebrate on Saturday and have all te girls together. You all know I LOVE to do this kind of stuff, so I had a blast! We will do it again next year for sure, so anyone who can make it is more than welcome!

The table set and ready

Our yummy spread of food

Everyone enjoying the beautiful day!

Cami, Linda, and I

The girls
Amy, me & Cami, my mom (Linda), Grandma Nana, Gillian & Jasmine

On Sunday, I woke up (at 8:00, no less!) with the smell of bacon in the air, my husband missing next to me, and the pitter patter of kid feet. I decided I would cherish every moment, so I whipped out my Better Homes & Gardens and waited...
Here's what was waiting for me in the kitchen after I opened the hand-strung bracelet from Tyler and necklace from Cam:

My big boys

My girl :)


Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

Every year it's kinda become a tradition to celebrate this "holiday", but I'm starting to think it's just so we can have an excuse to eat Mexican food! Ha ha... This year we got to take grandma Nana along with us to a local fave (after checking out a couple others that were MUCH too crowded!). It's always a treat to have her with us!

Nana & Cami cuddling cozy

Tyler & I being cheesy..

...and Blake realizing that he loves to dip ANYTHING (even salsa!!!!).
Oh, and btw, it wasn't that spicy... :)