Sunday, October 25, 2009

Our Baby Girl is 7!!!!!

Camryn's birthday was last week, and I can't help but feel a little bit sad as I look over her pictures as a baby girl. She is 7. Officially a girl. Not a baby, not a toddler, not a preschooler. A little girl. My little girl. I remember thinking when she was a baby, "I wonder what she will be like when she's 2, 5, 7?" I think back to then, and I think that I never would have imagined her being as beautiful, smart, witty, caring, silly, thoughtful, and sassy as she is now. This tiny little thing has grown before our very eyes into a beautiful and big girl. Camryn is turning into a wonderful person, and I feel so fortunate to be her mom- to be able to see her discoveries, her sorrows, her joys, and her accomplishments. I am so proud to not only call her my daughter, but one of my best companions. I can't even begin to describe how lucky I am every day to have her.

Happy Birthday Camryn Nicole!!!
Mommy & Daddy love you with our whole hearts...

On to the details of her fabulous Build-A-Bear party...
Here are the excited group of girls on our way there!!

The birthday girl!!

Of course she picked the pink one ;)

Showering her with love..

Our group pic

The whole store singing "Happy Birthday, dear Camryn...."

Ready for pizza & cake!!

Cami's special cake- made by Mommy, of course!!

The "girls"

Cami with her cake (and after her outfit change:)

SO blessed with all her gifts!!!

...and how I found her at the end of the day!! :)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mommy Day

On Tuesday I decided to take the kiddos out and about around the OC. Matt was working, so I thought it would be a great day to spend some time with them. Our first stop was to a Pumpkin Patch and train ride with my MOPS group. Since the older two were in school, it was just Blake & I for a change! Auntie Jill-Nicole came along too, which made it super fun! Blake absolutely LOVES trains right now, so it was fun to see his little face light up when he saw the "choo-choo". After the kids got out of school, I dropped a tired little Blakey off with Grandma Nana, and Cami, Ty & I headed off to Disneyland! The weather was fabulous, the park was not packed, and the kids were wonderful!!! We had such a fun time that day, and came home exhausted!!! I am so glad we had such a fun time together- it makes being a mom so much fun!!!

Cami & Ty @ DL with some beautiful Fall decor.
(And Ty flashing his "cool" hand signs... :)

We actually stood in line this time to meet TinkerBell!
(It's usually a no-go, considering it's always an hour-long wait!)
Needless to say, Cam was SUPER excited!!
The view down Main Street, and two tired kiddos ready to go home!

Blake at the pumpkin patch- ready for the train ride!

Auntie Jill and a squirmy Blakey!!


He looks like such a big boy in this picture!!!

He was cooperating so well, "Cheese!!!"

Contemplating throwing the pumpkins.... "No Blakey... it's not a ball..."

"Ok, I'm done. No more pictures please."

I had a great day with my babies, and as Camryn said, "...I'll remember it always!"

Our Little Cheerleader

On my birthday we got to spend the evening at a football game for one of our local high schools. Cam had attended their "Jr Cheer Camp" this summer, and part of their performance was at a Fall football game! I was so cute to see her out there on the field. She had a blast with all the cheerleaders, and we had a blast watching. It was crazy to be back there... It seemed like not that long ago I was on that field. I swear, we wore more clothing back then though!!!

Ty being silly :) Or was it bored??

Me & my Ty

For some reason he was being shy with Daddy

And Blakey? Smiling and laughing, as usual!!
All in all, it was a fun evening, and I didn't even mind spending my birthday there. We went out to dinner afterwards, which was nice too!!

Taking Flight

At the beginning of the month Matt decided to take Tyler on a mini day-vacation down to the Miramar Air Show. He took him to one last year and since he remembers doing that with his Dad as a kid, he thought he would start the same tradition with Ty (&Blakey too, later:). Grandpa got to tag along for the ride too, so it was extra fun! This time, I asked him to take some pictures so I could post them, and well, here they are...

I was so glad he spent this time with him, and he seemed to really like it. He went on and on (like we all know Tyler can do:) about the planes, and showed me his "special"jet that Daddy bought for him. Here's to a new tradition- I LOVE that!!!!