Sunday, March 22, 2009

St Patrick's Day

Well the 1/4 of Irish in me felt very compelled to celebrate St Patrick's Day this year. Not traditionally, per se, but just for fun with the kids. (No corned beef & cabbage here!) We started the morning with green eggs and ham, as requested by Camryn. I was quite worried as to whether or not they would actually EAT the green eggs, but surprisingly they all gobbled them up! They actually asked for them the following morning too!

Then, that evening I invited the Witts over for some stuffed green shells, salad and a pastacio pudding trifle. They all loved the green and the kids really got a kick out of it.

Blake especially loved the trifle!!

Too bad Matt had to miss out... there's always next year!
Irish Blessings to all!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

World (sized) Buffet

We celebrated Vince's birthday last night, at a place called the "World Buffet". This place was no joke- everything from all types of Chinese food and sushi to pot roast and french fries. I'm usually not a buffet type of person, but I have to say, once in a while it's pretty fun. The kids had a great time picking at all different types of things. I think by the end we all rolled out of there!

Blakey with Auntie & Uncle

Are we full yet??

Mickey, the squid leg just tastes like chicken- we promise...

Chow down kiddos!


New Sport: Couch Jumping

Just goes to show you how a dreaded task of vaccuming the couch can turn into loads of fun for the kids. Who needs Disneyland?

...and for the launch!!

Even Blakey got in on the action!

LW School Musical 2!!

Camryn had her little musical at school last week- she was a super star out there! They had each grade level do a song/dance from a different decade from the 50's to current. It was really cute to see all the kids out there. Even the staff performed a little diddy, too! Cam's group was the 50's, so all the girls wore pink poodle skirts and the boys wore jeans and had Elvis sideburns & glasses. It was too cute!
Cami the Superstar!