Wednesday, October 8, 2008


So on Sept. 20th, we had una grande fiesta!  It was my Aunt Thelma & Sandy's BIG 5-0, and we sure made it big! We had all kinds of people in from out of town, from Oakland to Phoenix! Matt and I enjoyed hosting everyone at our house. (And you all know how I love to party plan! Ok, so I get a little crazy!)  Anyways, I think everyone had a good time, even with a little drama going on (wouldn't be my fam unless there was a little!). So here's a recap of some of the night... Ole!!

Uncle Bill (from AZ) and Gillian

Uncle (Cousin) Tony and Camryn
Cousin Andrea and her beau, Chad. You guys are too cute!

One of the festive centerpieces, my fav...

Party on peeps!

One of the birthday girls, Aunt Sandy, and Uncle Bill.

The other birthday girl Auntie Thelma & Jasmine. Beautiful girls!

I hope you all had a good a time as we did. I had a wonderful time planning for you guys. My Aunties are so special to me, & I hope you guys felt that. Love you & happy 50 to two wonderful and loving women!! 

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George said...

That was a fun time. The pic of Andrea and Chad looks like a high school dance pic! So cute.