Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Elevators are for wimps

So on September 26th, Matt and his firefighter buddies did a "Stair Climb to the Top" competition put on by a local Los Angeles YMCA.  It was at the US Bank building in Downtown L.A., the "tallest office building west of the Mississippi" (according to Matt :).  They had to climb up 75 flights of stairs (ouch), donning their 50+ pounds of firefighting gear!  I made Matt take a camera along to document it (and so I could have some cool content for the blog, of course!).  I think he really wanted me to include him, too.  :) So here's some fun pics from his journey up...

The US Bank building- 75 floors tall!
Matt & some of his buddies BEFORE...
A beautiful view from the top.
Matt trying to catch his breath... DONE!!
Matt & the dudes, AFTER! Elevators are for wimps, baby!

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