Sunday, July 29, 2012

Celebrating Life & Love

Today we celebrated Matt's parents' 40th Wedding Anniversary AND 60th Birthdays.
We (the brothers and SILs) put together a celebration brunch in Newport Beach (their favorite place) and it turned out fabulous! They were surprised and everything came together perfectly.
What a wonderful day to celebrate a wonderful couple!!

Happy 40th Anniversary 
& 60th Birthdays
Dave & Linda

We love you!

Let the Games Begin!

There's something magical... inspiring... fascinating... about the Olympics.  
In our house, it's an all-out affair every couple of years.
So why not kick it off right?
We thought we'd start off our homeschooling year with a little Unit Study on... what else?

The Olympics!!

Here's a little peek of our "party" we had for the Opening Ceremonies the other night 
with some of our homeschooling friends.
We all had a blast coming up with with fun Olympic-themed activities!

Let the games begin!!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


This pretty much sums up our year so far. 
LOTS of change for this family.  Lots of GOOD change I might add.  
We are SO excited for the new year ahead.

New home.

Debt freedom.

Stay-at-home mommyhood.


Yes, you read right.
We are homeschooling!!
Not because we're weirdos.  Or hippies.  Or anti-social.
Because we LOVE our kids and want to be with them, and teach them, and be their example.
God has had His hand on this every step of the way for us.
Please support us, pray for us, and follow us in this journey!
(And please, only positive comments;)

You will see our updates on our blog from now on (not too much on Facebook...).

Hugs to all!!! :)