Thursday, August 30, 2012


I've been bitten by the Pinterest bug lately (it's probably more like the getting-ready-for-parties bug;). Here are just a few things I've (with some help from my talented MIL) been working on, er, having fun with...

Monday, August 27, 2012


I've been working hard to get out "classroom" ready to start school
lately. Something about having things in order eases my mind... ;) I've had tons of fun gathering supplies and organizing (thanks to Pinterest:). I can honestly say, I think I'm READY.

Well, ready for whatever comes our way....

Wish us luck in this adventure!! :D

Saturday, August 25, 2012

my babes

I have to say, for as much as it is a huge PAIN to do a photo "sesh" of my kiddos, I am never disappointed with the way they turn out.  I decided to take some today for Rowan's upcoming first birthday, *tear*...

I'm so glad the "frustrated mommy" look doesn't appear anywhere on their faces. 

I just ADORE these four.

boy, oh boy

I had a blast planning this baby shower for my super-special cousin, Tara.  She is due with her fourth child- their FIRST biological!  Her and her husband, Michael, adopted 3 children last year, and what do you know- she's preggers!!  It warmed my heart to be able to help bless them with some baby stuff, since they have none.  Since they live in Las Vegas it was extra special to see some faces they haven't seen in a while, too.  This little guy is already so loved, and so spoiled! :)
We decided to try and keep it a surprise, and I think we pulled it off...

Cousins :)

Congrats Tara & Michael-
we love you guys!

camping fun

The weekend after returning home from our vacation, we packed up once again and headed out to Lake Casitas for some camping with friends. It was said to be a "scorcher" that weekend, so we were prepared for the worst, but it ended up being a really fun time for us all. I mean, what's a little sweat when you're already covered in dirt and roasted marshmallow, right? ;)

Our view

They didn't actually allow swimming in the lake (what a tease!), but did offer this water park. 
The kids had a blast!!

rest & relaxation... sorta :)

Our family vacation this year was sort of a mash-up of events. We decided to head up to Monterey for a few days before heading to the Bass Lake/Oakhurst area. We all had a great time, overall, and loved seeing every bit of God's creation! Here are a few, ok a lot, of pics from our wonderful time!!

Monterey Bay Aquarium & Cannery Row

Tide Pools and Pebble Beach


Carmel Mission 

"Dennis the Menace Park" in Monterey & more Tide Pools...

 Cami found a little friend :)


Bass Lake with the fam

...and last, but not least, sushi-making with Auntie Thelma! :)