Sunday, October 12, 2008


So tonight Matt and I had a date night with our friends Cory and Amy.  We had a blast at Yard House and then ventured over to the theater to catch a flick.  After talking briefly with my mom today, we took her recommendation to see the movie 'Fireproof'.  We hadn't heard much about it, except it was about a fireman (actually Matt was making fun of it).  Let me just tell you, I don't think I have cried that much in a movie in a REALLY long time.  It was such a reality for us.  So many aspects of the movie were exactly like our life.  Scary.  

I can't tell you how many times recently I have felt God intervening in our lives.  I am usually not the one who pays attention to stuff like that either.  I don't know if I have been ignoring it, or I have just really needed it lately.  This movie was definitely a spiritual intervention for us. After we went home we looked up the website ( to find that there is a whole study and books that go along with the movie.  It was amazing to see that a portion of this website was devoted to firefighters' and 'first-responders' marriages.  They had some pretty shocking statistics about firefighters and marriage. Like how the divorce rate among them has gotten to almost 75%!!  

Needless to say, we ordered the study and books and I can't wait to get them.  Both Matt and I are adamant about putting each other first and, as they put it on the website "never leaving your partner behind".  

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