Monday, October 27, 2008

Creative Cakery

I started my cake decorating class this week at a local party supply store.  For it being my first time (in a while) I have to say, it wasn't too bad.  Although I forgot just how messy it is!  We have to make our own cakes AND buttercream frosting (yes, with the lard!).  I underestimated just how long this process takes, and for your sake I only included a picture of the finished product.  Trust me, you didn't want to see my kitchen before or during!  Matt is being very patient with me during all of this, too.  You all know how he can get with messes...  Nevertheless, I'm hoping this class will teach me a thing or two (or 10) about making cakes for the kids so we can stop paying so much money for them!!  

And by the way, it actually tasted decent!! (Thanks to my teacher's semi-homemade recipe! :)


Jazz said...

That is the cutest cake ever! You did such a great job!

cathy said...

I am so-o-o proud of you.  You are Martha Stewart Aly-style for sure.  Keep the good work up kiddo.Love yaLV Auntie