Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Only the Fairy best

Our little girl is turning 6 this weekend, and I cannot believe it.  It seems like just yesterday she came into our lives.  With all the hype of little girls aging themselves faster than necessary, I opted to do a fancy party for Cami while she still is young enough to let me!  She pondered, and finally decided she wanted a Tinkerbell themed party.  Of course, me needing to put a twist on things, I convinced her to do a 'Fairy Tea Party'.  I have always wanted to do a tea party for her and I just fear the window of opportunity is slowly shrinking.  So... here's to another full-blown party in the works (you know I LOVE it)!

We sent out invitations, thanks to my friend Amy, telling her little friends to come for tea & to "reserve their toadstool" as soon as possible.  They came out so cute!! Plenty of pixie dust included, of course!

I made fairy headbands and doctored up store-bought (Dollar Tree!) fairy wings for all the little girls.  They came out pretty cute, I think.  I also found little fairy skirts to match the wings. 

I'm going to be renting a canopy to cover the tea party tables, and inside will be mounds and mounds of pink tulle (thanks to Amy, again) along with these super cute tissue paper pom-poms I found at Michaels.  Of course I used my 50% off coupon- what a steal!  I also found different colored daisies at the 99 cent store that we'll be attaching to the tulle.  

These are the inspiration I found for the toadstool cupcakes I'll be making.  Except I found pastel colored round candies instead of the red hots.  I'm going to do a practice round on Friday, so we'll see how they actually turn out. :)  Wish me luck and I'll be sure to include pics of the real deal!


lisajem said...

You are just too cute!! cant wait to see the pictures!!! She is going to LOVE IT!!

Riva said...

we're so excited to come! You're so creative, Aly. I need to hire you to come and throw a party for my kids...

Murray said...

Hi Aly,
I found your blog via Riva's blog. So good to hear that life is going well for you. Happy birthday to you and little Camryn. I hope kinder is going well. Your birthday party planning is fantastic. I'll hire you, too!