Sunday, January 4, 2009

Tamale Day

In keeping with our Mexican heritage, we decided to tackle the tedious (yet so rewarding) project of making our favorite "present"- tamales!! With Grandma Irma/Nana's guidance and a crew of many hands, we gathered at our house for the festivities. Turns out Camryn has a secret love for tamale-making, which will definitely come in handy in the future! She had a great time with all the kids "kneading" the masa and making a huge mess!
The tamales turned out wonderful (as always), as well as the memories we all made doing it together! I just love this tradition of Christmas... Thanks everyone for being such good sports!

Jazz and my friend Amy doing some prep work

Is there anything more fun than being messy?

Grandma Nana and Auntie Thelma in 'la cocina'

Before the fun (notice how clean everything is:)

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auntie Sandy said...

I wish I had been there...