Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas at the Bonafedes

On Christmas Eve Eve, we got together at Matt's parents for our family Christmas celebration. Linda always makes her lasagne (delizioso!) for dinner, and we had a great time opening presents by the fire. Matt's aunt Jill and uncle Jerry were in town from Tennessee, too. It was so great to see them again! Hi guys!! :)

Cami and B looking cute as ever

Jill & Jerry :)

Blakey's new bulldog jammies

Not sure who's more excited, Camryn or Mikayla! :o)

Ty & his new Star Wars (of course) shirt

Cami & B couldn't wait to play with their matching 'Littlest Pet Shop' toys...
under the dining room table!

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Mikayla said....
ok ok I know I look funny (and I mean really funny) but when I did this face in this picture I didn't know u were going 2 put it on your blog ,but now I'm famous,I'm so exited (sereoisly) please keep this on as long as u can.I love it !!!!!