Monday, January 5, 2009

Feliz Navidad!

So what kids don't want to wake up on Christmas morning!?! Mine, apparently, and this is what our room looked like on C-Day:
Hilarious, I have to say, and with just a tiny bit of coaxing (and a reminder about Santa's arrival) they were up and adam in no time! It's weird to think that this was Blake's first Christmas, with him being almost one year old already! He was definitely a fun addition this year...
We're just going to do "greatest hits" version of ou Christmas morning, and to start us off will be Tyler's:
If you are all laughing as much as we did, don't feel bad. He is the cutest thing in his helmet and "shooter"! The funniest part though, is to see him put the darn thing on over his glasses and try to actually look out of it... hours of comedy I tell you!

Camryn's was her "My Pod" that we gave her. Don't worry all- it's a total fakie! It came in this set with Tinkerbell books, kaleidescope, and this little fairy music player. She told me she wanted an iPod for Christmas (choke.. yah right) and this was the closest she got. It was actually perfect for her- she thought she looked so cool listening to her classical 'fairy' tunes!
Blakey got his wheels that he (mommy) wanted. :) Perfect for walks around the neighborhood and he already loves it!
The family hit- a remote controlled race track! Daddy had fun putting it together, and the kids actually LOVED it! I thought it was kind of a 'whatever' gift, but Matt & the kids couldn't stop playing with the thing! Well worth the money...
And here is my living room post-Christmas:
Note the GINORMOUS Star Wars tent that Santa brought (thanks Santa!). I'm still cleaning up, but all in all we had a great day!

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