Saturday, December 13, 2008

Fondant Fun

Ok, so I couldn't wait! I just happened to be at Michael's today and had two 40% off coupons that were going to expire, sooooo, I thought I would stock up on cake decorating paraphernalia. And, of course, I couldn't just stare at it on my countertop! I ripped those babies open and got to work!! I just happened to have an extra little cake from my red velvets, so I iced her up and started to play! I had so much fun!!!!!!! I seriously cannot wait to start doing this more! I already have three cakes lined up for January- my friend Riva's little girl Lynnea's 1st birthday cake, then Blakey's, then Brooklynn's. Yay, I'm so excited....

P.S.- Turns out You Tube has 'how-to' videos on fondant... I'm in love!

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Riva said...

I'm so excited that I'm going to have an Aly original cake at my daughter's first birthday party. Thank you so much!! Hmmm, red velvet would be cool. =)