Saturday, December 13, 2008

Casa de Gingerbread

So after Tyler BEGGED me to buy this gingerbread house kit ($7.99 at Micheal's, btw) he didn't even want to help. I pulled it out while I was getting ready for my MOPS leadership Christmas party the other day, as a 'quick', kill time activity. Shoulda known... Never ask an anal-retentive man to put together a structure, I mean cookie house. Only Matt would make this into a full-fledged architectural project! So after he was done constructing (30 minutes later) we gathered up the interest of the kids again to decorate. With much crumbling frosting, sticky gumdrops, and 500 (seemed like) spilled ball candies later, we had our "Gingerbread House". Here's to another one of my "quick projects"!!

The finished product!
(Yes, I helped a little :)

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