Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Letter 2008

So instead of writing a letter on paper this year, I opted to do it via the internet (gotta love technology!). A lot has happened in our family this year, so for all of you new to our blog-site, welcome!
Our year started off with a very big event- on January 7 little Blake Matthew was born! He has not stopped blessing our family since. He is the happiest little boy and has brought us nothing but joy! His brother and sister love him to death (sometimes a little too much). We are both
amazed at how much we have gotten to enjoy him! We chalk it up to the 3rd kid syndrome. We'll see if it rubs off on us for a #4...
In April, Matt got a promotion at work. He is now an engineer with the LAFD at station 57. He still remains stationed in South LA (by choice) and enjoys his new crew. They are younger guys than his old station, which was a nice change compared to his 'old guys' at 14's. He loves his job- lots of numbers, math, etc. It's right up his alley.
Camryn turned 6 and started kindergarten this fall and absolutely loves it! She is such a social butterfly. We have had some "issues" already with her 'strong-willed' personality, but we just keep reminding ourselves that her will will carry her a long way some day! She is a good girl, and enjoyed playing soccer for her 2nd year. She is looking forward to starting dance again next year.
Tyler is 4 1/2 now and is as active as ever! He is in pre-school 3 days a week, karate once a week and likes to "play" with his little brother. He just recently discovered Star Wars and was instantly hooked! Just today he was quoting Yoda, "Hard to see, the dark side is" (with the voice and all). He definitely keeps humor alive in our family. We are starting to see a little more shyness in him lately, but it doesn't take much to get him talking!
I'm still working in L&D at Whittier Presbyterian, just one day a week. It's the best job ever! I get to stay home with my kids for the most part, use my brain a little, and even make some extra money! It has definitely been a blessing for us. I have also taken up cake decorating recently. It's fun and lets me use a little creativity. The smell of buttercream icing has been getting to me a little lately though. :) I love being a mom and have enjoyed doing all the fun stuff with the kids.
That's just our lives in a nutshell, for now. Please keep checking back on our blogsite, I try to keep it as updated as possible. And don't forget to leave your comments!! May you all have a blessed Christmas and healthy New Year!!


Andrea said...

Loved your Christmas blog letter! That's one of the reasons I opted NOT to write a letter- because my life is chronicled on my blog! I miss you guys immensely! Merry Christmas!

Sandy :) said...

Merry Christmas Aly-pop! Loved your letter and love you and your precious family!


cathy said...

Aly, I love your blog spot and what a keen idea to do your letter on your blog.  You are so clever.  I loved the fact that I can keep up with you kids by reading the blog and look forward to lots more this upcoming year.  You are so blessed and so loved by your family and friends.  Have a merry season and may God Bless you all. Hugs LV Auntie