Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween fun

This Halloween was good, but it just didn't seem the same with this weird weather! It's hot one minute, then raining the next. Can't make it's mind, I guess! Anyways, the kids' school parades and parties went well, along with our traditional trick-or-treating on Halloween night. Here are some pics of our fun festivities...

Cam with her "big buddy" at the school parade.
Mrs Ancich's kindergarten class!

Ty at his school's parade as Annakin Skywalker (of course)

'My Three Monsters'

Pumpkin guts?

Yup, pumpkin guts!

You have the priveledge of seeing Blake in his monkey costume for his first Halloween. You should feel special, not many people got to...

Tink & Annakin :)


cathy said...

Lh my gosh, I just noticed Cam's hair cut.  When did that happen?  But it is so-o-o cute.  The kids were cute munchkins for Halloween.  Beautiful as always.  Mom and Dad, you did a great job.  And the monkey suit, just to die for. Hugs and kisses to allLove LV Auntie

cathy said...

First word should be Oh