Monday, July 6, 2009

Land of LEGOS

In lieu of a massive birthday party with all his friends, Tyler chose to go to Legoland this year. If any of you have talked to him lately, this isn't a huge surprise- the kid is OBSESSED with Legos!! And considering we have never been, we decided to take a trip to Carlsbad.

Here's Ty in his own little heaven...
...we had to pry his hands off of the light saber to let the next person have their turn. (And so we could see the rest of the park!)

This was a "Firefighter Relay" ride, in which the KIDS were supposed to pump the engine to get it across, then shoot water into a window, then pump back across to win. Needless to say, I was laughing my you-know-what off as Matt "helped" the kids. He just oozes competition, and a good one it was not!! Hilarious!! I guess the kids need a little more 'firefighter training' before we try that one again...

My big boy inside a Lego shark head. (Not shown is the complete terror right before this picture when I thought I lost him.)

Blakey, pooped!!

The kids loved these miniature cities- all made out of Legos. Obviously this one is DC...

Our final snapshot with Thomas the Train

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