Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Summer- In a Nutshell

So, in order to keep myself updated, I have decided to just give you all I've got! Here's a bunch of pics of the things that have been keeping us busy this summer thus far:

For our anniversary Matt & I got a night out on the town! After walking around, people watching, and a wonderful dinner at the Grove in LA, we stopped at this really cool dessert shop in LA called MILK. It was so neat! They had all kinds of homemade ice cream, desserts and even sandwiches! I had to take pictures...

The fabulous red velvet cupcake I had...

Happy 8 years!!

Ty' swimming lessons...

Every once and a while we get to steal Gillian for a day or so. The kids decided to make this strawberry shortcake from a recipe that was in the back of a book they read together.

It was so cute watching them, and came out really yummy, too!!

Blake's new favorite pastime. I think he's going to be our ball player...

I could take a million pictures of him doing this! He's just SO cute!!!

Blake at his "Tumbling Toddlers" class

Ty at his gymnastics class

Our first beach trip this summer

We decided to go for a bonfire, and take Grandma Nana with us!

Smile!! She had a great time...

And, last but not least, water fun in the backyard!! (This takes up most of our time...)

And sometimes, we even have friends over to join us!

Nothing better that Big Sticks in the summer!!!

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