Monday, July 6, 2009

Last Days of School

Finally I get to posting the end of the school year! I know, I'm such a slacker... But I'm trying to get caught up with the "now"! Anyways, we had a lot of hustle and bustle that last week!! My dad was here visiting, we had Ty's last day of pre-school, Cam's Gold Medal ceremony, graduation and water day- all in the span of five days! My poor dad... I think he thinks our lives are always that crazy!

Here's Cam with her Gold Medal she earned. They had to do a list of about 10 things to earn this award. Tying their shoes, knowing their address & phone number, and counting by 2s, 5s & 10s, just to name a few. She was VERY proud of herself, and we were too!!

They had a "Water Day" the last day of school, and had a BLAST!!
Even the teachers got wet (which the kids loved!). I hope Mrs Ancich forgives Matt for pelting her in the head with a water balloon... :( (He did say sorry) And when the water balloons ran out, Matt graciously helped by using his firefighting skills to douse the kids with the hose... they LOVED it!!!!!

The teachers also provided each kid with a water squirter. Fun times!!
Cam's Kindergarten Graduation- Hawaiian style! They sung the cutest songs...
Receiving her "diploma"

Cousin Brooklynn (along with Auntie Christa & Mikayla, of course) came to help celebrate too :)

Mrs. Ancich & Mrs. Lloyd- what a team!!

Buds for life- Dylan & Camryn

The boys- Owen, Jake & Tyler

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