Monday, June 1, 2009

Cami's Farm Day & Open House

The school year is officially coming to an end, and with that comes fun stuff! Last week we had Camryn's Annual Kindergarten Farm Day. They had been planning for this day for a long time- learning all about plants, cows, pigs, sheep, etc. All the kids were so excited!!

The teachers helped all the kids make their own special t-shirts for the day!

Mrs. Ancich & Mrs. Lloyd's Kindergarten class of 2008-09

Making lemonade (the following picture would have showed her spilling her entire cup all over herself). :(

Petting the animals in the petting 'farm'

Shake, shake, shake the butter!

This was the 'coolest' thing! It was a round contraption that you fill with ice and salt on one side, and cream, sugar and vanilla on the other side. Kick it around, and voila!! You have homemade ice cream!! Too cool...

Ready for the Father-Daughter Dance
and Open House

Daddy and his girl

All the dads and girls

Go Cami!

And for those of you who want to see Matt shake his thing- I have it on video, don't worry!


micksmom28 said...

Oh yes I want to see Matt shake his thing! I bet it was hilarious!

Sandra said...

How cute is this? What was the theme? I for one, definitely want to see any videos you might have! Miss you!