Monday, April 27, 2009

New Loo

Some other things that were taking up A LOT of our time lately were our bathroom projects. We decided to fix up the bathrooms "really quick" in case we did decide to try and sell this summer. For a modest budget we really added some well deserved upgrades, thanks to Matt's handywork! Unfortunately I forgot to take 'before' pics, but here's some 'afters'.

This is the hall bathroom after the "remodel". We decided to have the tub and tile re-glazed to cover up the old pink and turquiose lovelies that were there 50+ years ago. It came out really nice, and will work for now. If you don't remember what it was before, think pink sponge paint... YUCK! It's much better now... :)

Here's our master bath. Matt ripped some ugly tile off the walls and countertop, replaced the cabinet and countertop, painted and installed all the new fixures. Thanks to some help from our very own "Home Diva" (aka. MIL Linda) he busted it out in 4 days!

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