Monday, April 27, 2009

Happy Easter!

The day before Easter we had our annual "eggstravaganza" at our church. They always make it so fun for the kids!
They started off by decorating crosses with stickers. Even Blake got in on the action! (Well, sort of:)

Then there was a table set up so the kids could see what kinds of foods they had at the Last Supper back in Jesus' time. It was very creative, with dried fruits, juices, fresh fruit and homemade matzah bread. They loved the grapes, but wouldn't even come close to the dried fig...

Then they got a chance to make their own matzah bread! That was a really fun activity for the kids, although they weren't fans when it came to actually eating it. I guess enriched and bleached white flour tastes a little different than what they had back then...

More making matzah...

Mmm.. yum...

Outiside they had little fishing games. Ty especially liked it :)

On to the finale... the EGG hunt! Blake figured out rather quickly that it wasn't the actual egg that was important, but what was inside the egg!

"Pretty pink"

After all that I thought we could actually get a group shot... I thought wrong- Oh well! It was a great day over all!
...and the Easter Bunny came after all!

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