Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Gilly Rose!

So I apologize, I haven't blogged on our family site in quite awhile! And if you've been keeping up with my cake site you'll know why... Anyhoooo.. the end of March was a special little goddaughter's birthday- Gillian Rose! She turned 11 (can't believe it!) and she asked if I could come over for her "friends" party to teach them how to make some cupcakes. I was so excited to share some decorating tips with them! I made up some frosting and Jazz made the cupcakes, and of course I had to bring enough sprinkles to cover a small country... She had about 5 friends (and Camryn, of course:) come for the fun. It was the perfect number!

Blake came along to enjoy the cupcakes, too...

The sweet 'mama hostess'!

Here's the girls with all of their beautiful (and interesting) creations. They had a lot of fun!

Me and the birthday girl :)



Aunt Sandy said...

What a great idea!! Happy Birthday to Gillian Rose!

George said...

She had a blast and so did I when I got to check out the cupcakes. YUM