Sunday, July 27, 2008


Camryn had her dance recital yesterday- it was so great! The theme of the recital was 'Alice in Wonderland', so the kids in her class were the 'Bees'. They are a Combo-Ballet/Tap class, and their dance was a tap number. She not only remembered all of her moves, but had a perfect dancer's smile plastered all over her face the entire time. I swear she's meant to perform! (I'm not biased or anything :) Grammie, Grandma Nana, Grandma Linda, Grandpa Dave, Grandma Betty, Auntie Amy, Mickey, Nolan, Auntie Gena, Uncle Kyle, and of course, us & brothers came to watch her. Thanks everybody!!! And to those who wanted to come, but didn't make it- we bought the DVD, so no worries! She really does enjoy dancing, although she will be foregoing dance this fall to play soccer again (much to my dismay :( ). I think it just brings back memories for me, ha ha! She has met some really cute friends, and we love the dance Academy she goes to. It's so family oriented- not competitive or petty at all. I'm pretty sure she will want to go back in the spring.

Here's before the show at our house. She was pumped and ready to go!

After the show with all of her flowers. She told me before the show, "Mom, Grammie's gonna come and bring me flowers!" I think it was more of a hopeful statement... as you can see, she was right!

Here she is with a couple other 'bees'- (L-R) Sofia, Camryn & Lauren. She was excited because I was a 'Parent Helper' for the 7 pm show. That is a whole other story in itself. Just imagine 30 5 & 6 year olds with 2 adults, in a giant room with 100 other dancers all getting ready to perform. Yah, I know... but I was glad to be there with her. We had fun and can't wait till the next one! (Well, maybe... :)


Andrea said...

OMG, she is so CUTE! I want to see the Bumble Bee DVD!

She really IS your daughter, you know. Adorable.

micksmom28 said...

Awww! She was so cute! I am glad I was there to be able to see her. Maybe she'll be like those "Hey Kat" tap dancers one day!