Sunday, July 13, 2008

Boy, oh boy!

Today we had a great day with some of our family visiting from Arizona. Cousin Laurie and her boys (4 out of the 5, anyways) came down for some Southern California fun. We always have a great time when they're here. Like I always tell everyone, Laurie's boys are some of the best behaved kids I've ever met!! We celebrated Laurie's birthday, and just enjoyed each other's company. It's really funny to see so many 'men' in our family after our generation of all women!! I guess that's the way it works!!

Here's Laurie & Blake- bringing back baby boy memories... By the way, doesn't she look great!?! She's lost almost 50 lbs. and is still going! She's awesome!

Here's the kiddos... (L-R) Gillian, Blake, George, Mark, Josh, Matt, Tyler, Camryn, & Johnny (Paul's in AZ working). Can't believe how fast they grow! We missed Mick & Nolan!!

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micksmom28 said...

Awww!!! We missed you guys too, but it was great to have a night out for our anniversary! Laurie looks awesome!