Sunday, July 27, 2008

Fun with family

Thursday night we went to a concert at our local park. The kids loved it because we grabbed sandwiches and a blanket and had a picnic dinner while we listened to the music. This particular time it was the band from a local 'mega-church'. We had a great time, although it was hard to explain to the kids why they couldn't play at the playground. (There were literally probably 500 people there!) I very briefly went into my 'Mommy doesn't want to lose you' speech.
Anyways, it was great to see SO many locals gathered to hear Christian music! I overheard that it was the largest turnout of any of the concerts so far. Yay God!!

We joined Matt's parents there- we all had a great time! By the way- thanks for the yummy brownies, Linda!


Andrea said...

Cute pictures! Yay God! So cute.

Um... does Camryn have make-up on?

Aly said...

Oh yah... she was at her dance recital dress rehearsal right before. Ha ha!!