Friday, November 2, 2012

sugar & spice

A couple of weeks ago our little girl turned 10. I can't believe it!!!! I am so filled with mixed emotions over it...
When she first came into our world 10 years ago, we were so smitten- with love, amazement, and fear! I look back now and laugh to myself... We were so young! But I wouldn't change a thing. She has brought so much joy into our lives that I can't even begin to describe. Everything that I hoped and prayed she would learn and become has come true so far. She is smart, always helpful, SO observant- always soaking everything in, a wonderful helper, thoughtful and caring, and most importantly- filled with love for the Lord. What else can we hope for? I see big things in this girl's future... We are SO blessed to be her parents and love her beyond words.

Happy Birthday Camryn Nicole!!

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