Sunday, November 25, 2012

giving thanks

Three days of celebrating Thanksgiving was a bit much, but definitely needed and deserved. We have so much to be thankful for- our God is SO good!!! Every day I hear stories about things happening and am so grateful for everything in our lives. We are blessed beyond measure.
This year I decided to take it to another level and do something I've been dying to do on Thanksgiving- SERVE. We want our kids to realize how blessed we are, and there's no better way than to give that thankfulness to others. It is SO incredibly important to me. Our church hosts a dinner and clothing drive at a local elementary school every year and it was out pleasure to be a part of it. The kids had a blast, and while the boys were "done" after a little while, I was SO proud of their helpful attitudes. This will definitely be a tradition from now on!!
We also went to the fire station to visit Daddy and the guys on TG- always a fun time! ;)

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