Tuesday, November 20, 2012


the kids and I went to vote the other day. I wasnt expecting much for the kids, but was loving the idea of them coming along to see what it's all about. They kept asking "do we get to vote?" and "who do you vote for mommy?", and while I wanted to share I just explained the whole process I stead. ;)
Our polling place was at the church down the street so we headed out on foot- at least the weather was nice! When we got there the volunteers were SO nice! They showed the kids the process of voting, and even had a kids "sample" ballot where they could cast their votes in different categories (albeit a little outdated with nominees such as Lucille Ball and Carol Burnett... "Who???";). We had an unexpected fun time- better than the fit-throwing, boring trip I expected. So the kids had fun AND learned a little something... I'd call that win-win.

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