Wednesday, February 27, 2013

sharing the LOVE

I must say, Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holidays. I don't know why... It's kinda silly, really. Maybe it's the pink... or all the flowers, or just the mushiness of love in the air (I'm a hopeless romantic). Whatever it is, I LOVE it, and we do it up big every year. Not just Matt and I, ALL of us. More recently I've focused it on the love we have for each other. The love we have from God- because He first loved us. And gave us the BEST gift EVER in Jesus. So fittingly enough, our theme for the day was John 3:16.
This year, with the kids being home we had a blast "planning" for our day. We spent the whole entire day before preparing, shopping and decorating for the next day. It was SO much fun to see the looks on the kids faces, and being SO excited to cook, create, and just spend time with each other. Totally melted my heart actually.... ;)
We started off with me making them all breakfast. Then we got dressed and gave each other cards and gifts. We watched movies, ate lunch and then started preparing our "fancy" dinner (which the kids opted for instead of our traditional heart-shaped pizzas). We ended the day with chocolate fondue and a cozy fire. All in all, a perfectly LOVING day for us all!!

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