Thursday, February 21, 2013

partying puppy-style

We always start off the year celebrating this little guy...

We are so blessed to have Blake.  He is the strong, silent type.  He laughs when he's nervous.  He ADORES his older brother and would do anything to be like him. He loves singing and snuggling before bedtime, his stuffed animals, and ANYthing sweet (and he knows usually a soft whisper in my ear will usually get him a treat:).  He's our "moose", and one day will probably tower over us all.  And I can't wait for the best bear hugs from him...

But first- turning 5.
January 7th was his 5TH birthday.  I can't even believe it has been that long! 

As we were throwing around ideas for his birthday party months before (my kids know me and my love of anything "party"), a "puppy" theme came up and we RAN with it!  I turned out SO incredibly fun- there were rave reviews from many happy kiddos afterwards. :)

 I had the most fun with this table set-up!  There were dogbone shaped PB&J & turkey sandwiches, mini bags of "pupcorn", "water bowls" of blue Jell-O, pretzel "rawhide", and Scooby snack graham crackers.  The cake was actually the dog bowl full of "dog food"- everyone got a kick out of that (thanks to Half Baked)!  Most of these ideas were from Pinterest, of course. :)

 After the kids ate, we proceeded with the long-awaited...

Each child started at the Puppy Shop where they got to pick and name their puppy, sign their adoption certificate, and choose a collar. 

Next, they chose from visiting the Grooming Station, Pet Supply Store, and the Puppy Hospital (for check-ups, of course:).


All in all, it was such a fun day!!

Happy Birthday, Blakey!
We love you SO much!!

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