Saturday, November 13, 2010

Starting Over...

Okay..... I am seriously going to keep up this time! I have decided to take a different route (or just a different mindset, I suppose) with this blog.  I'm tired of the "this is what we've done" posts.  I have SO much going on in my brain, that I have decided to use this blog to make sense of it all.  Either that or just to empty it all out... whatever works.  So if you stumble upon one of my ramblings, please forgive my overwhelmed mind.

Before I move on to that, I'd better get caught up on what we've been doing lately... :)

Our little girl just turned, wait for it...........

8 years old!!!!!!
I can hardly believe it!  I feel so truly blessed and grateful to have her in our lives.  She is such a good, caring, lively, smart, creative, brave little girl. Of course I could go on and on...
This year we indulged in a Selena Gomez concert (*scream*) for her birthday, so we just "laid low" for her party and had a few of her friends over for a slumber party.
Here's my idea of "laying low"......

Simple, easy party........... ;)
Happy 8th Birthday Camryn!
We love you!!!!! 

For Halloween we DID lay low, I promise!  Actually, my new motto (along with the rest of the world) has been Reuse, Reduce, Recycle. I am very proud to say that all of the kiddos costumes followed it!
Cami's costume was inspired by the character "Fancy Nancy" (from the books), and was completely from her own collection! Grammie made her a tutu for her birthday that went perfectly, too.  We happened to come across both the boys' costumes from the closet of their cousins Mickey and Nolan. Tyler was Peter Pan and Blake a "baseball payer".  Thank God they didn't mind- such good sports!   

Soccer fun :)

Our latest do-it-yourself project- COMPLETED!!
We just love how this openeing has "opened" up our home so much!
Thanks to Matt's mom Linda (ok, and Dan, Dan the Drywall Man....) it came out so great!!
...from the other side :)

Now I'm having a problem finishing our front room re-do..
Lord, give me the patience (and the budget!)...

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