Saturday, July 3, 2010

Since Valentine's Day....

...a lot has happened!! I'm really bad at updating our family blog, so this is for everyone who's been asking. It will also fulfill my goal to update many things this summer... :)

Back in February was the "L" School Musical 2- Both kids got to be a part of this awesome musical the school does every year! Camryn was a school bus driver, and Tyler was a teacher.

Tyler was on the Angels this year (with much debate in our family;) and had a GREAT time! By the end of the season he had accrued 2 game balls and a definite boost in confidence!!

St Patrick's Day
Of course I had to involve something with cake for the kids to do. :) We tried out this rainbow cake- it was a little complicated, but the kids got a kick out of it!!

Here's the kids lined up and ready for the egg hunt!!

Easter morning- Blake wasn' t too sure, I guess.. :)

Ready for church!

Family outing to San Pedro and Long Beach
We had breakfast at a "Triple-D" spot (think Food Network), Schooner or Later. It was great- right on the marina so the kids got to check out all the boats.

Then headed to the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium in San Pedro...

...and the tide pools nearby.

And finally to Belmont Shore for some pizza and cupcakes!! It was a super fun day!!

Tyler's Kindergarten Farm Day

They made butter, ice cream, lemonade, visors, and had a petting zoo!!

Camryn got Student of the Month for April!! They all celebrated by having "Pizza with the Principal". So exciting!!

Our Ty-man turned 6!!
Festivities started with a celebration at school..

...then a dinosaur party for all his class friends!!

Happy 6th Birthday Tyler!!!!!

Tyler's Kindergarten Graduation- *tear*

One of the BEST kindergarten teachers EVER!!!
Mrs. Ancich rocks!!

There will be many more posts this summer, and now I might be able to keep up!!!!
WOO HOO!!!!!!!!

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