Monday, September 14, 2009

Construction Zone!!

Anyone who knows me, knows that I just can't sit still when things have been the same for too long. What can I say- I love change!! That being said, I think we bit off a little more than we could chew with this project. I had the hair-brained idea that we would open up a wall from our front living room to our kitchen. Sounds simple, you say? Did I mention that entails closing off a door to outside, moving the plumbing, electrical, gas for the washer & dryer, and modifying cabinets? Not so easy I guess... Here's some pics of our "not-so-easy" project:

The "Before"

Here's that plumbing stuff I was talking about...

Matt has spent 2 full days under our house... not so fun!

Here's the advertisement for the importance of wearing safety goggles!! (The day before Linda managed to get something in her eye, which scratched her cornea. Two trips to the Dr. later...)

Chloe doesn't know what to think of all this madness! She's NOT a fan of change- it makes her nervous (just like most Weimeraners, I'm told).

Our new view from the kitchen into our front room- GLORIOUS!

And our new doorway into the kitchen...

I will post more pics of the finished product when it's done (hopefully soon). Until then, Matt will be under the house once more while he repairs some of the mistakes he made- OOPS!! I give him credit for trying at least...

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Emily said...

Love it! you and i have more in common than we know. i am always dreaming up projects for josh to do and then he is the one that realizes it will be a much bigger project than we thought. but i always remind him of "my vision" and that it will be good in the end. :) it's all about keeping the husbands busy! yay for home improvements!