Sunday, January 1, 2012


So it's been like, FOREVER, since I blogged.  Today is the start of a new year, however, and I am REALLY going to try to keep up this time- I swear!!!  So much has happened over the last year, I can't believe we are where we are today.  I was sitting here thinking of how blessed we are- amazing and crazy helpful family, awesome and supportive friends, roof, jobs, food, health... what more is there, really?  I am beyond words. 
If anyone else has spent hours on Pinterest then you will understand my fascination.  One of the things I love about it is finding inspirational sayings.  Something about making art out of words is totally awesome.  So here are some of my favs that hopefully will bring in this new year with hope and encouragement...

So Happy New Year, everyone!!
Here's to promises kept, goals met, changes made, and gifts given.
May God bless you in 2012!

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