Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Gotta Lovett

A couple of weekends ago we got to spend some time with my cousin, her husband and their newly fostered children.  Yes, I said CHILDREN.  After many twisting circumstances only God knows reasons for, they are fostering and planning to adopt these THREE precious kids.  Amazing, I know.  

I seriously didn't know how that weekend would impact me as much as it did.  Honestly, I was just thinking (and sort of dreading) having 6 kids in one house!!  When we got there we were greeted with the warmest welcome ever- "COUSINS!!!!!!!!!!!"  And the HUGEST hugs from the SMALLEST person I have ever gotten.  I'll call her "Wee One" for now (I'm not allowed to post names or pics until their adoption is final).  From the very start that little girl stole my heart.  One word to describe her- SUNSHINE!  Her and Blake had a blast together.  And the middle one (we'll call her "Fancy Girl") was an instant connect for Camryn.  They had so much fun listening to music, drawing & coloring, and of course deciding what to wear.  The oldest one, "Little Man" was a perfect fit for Tyler too.  Of course, they had their share of video games and Sponge Bob. :)

One of the highlights of the trip for me was the Sand Ceremony that my aunt had arranged at their "Welcome Party".  There were dozens of little bags filled with sand, and everyone there poured them individually in a jar to symbolize the blending of family, friends, and support they all now have.  It was beautiful...

Another favorite was this poem written by a friend of my aunt...

...but the BEST part was the blessing of their new family.  Tara and Michael presented the two older kids with their first Bible.  The look on their faces of surprise, confusion and curiosity was priceless.  I never experienced before the true, raw love of Jesus given to children for the very first time.  It literally brought me to tears.  What an amazing gift.  And even more, what an amazing GIFT these CHILDREN are.

Blessings, Lovett Family

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