Thursday, August 6, 2009

Bonafede Campers

Having just come home from camping, I am relishing every moment in my cozy, dry, bug-free home!! We had a great time this past week at the Montana de Oro State Park in Los Osos (near Morro Bay/SLO). I did, however, figure out that we will most probably never camp in a "primitive" site ever again without some sort of trailer/camper/motorhome. Yes, call me a wimp! :) Having said all that, we had a great time just hanging out with friends... and nature! Here's just a few snapshots of some of the memories we made:

Matt pitching the tent (yes, I helped- I just cobviously couldn't BE in the picture too!)

The very friendly squirrels of Morro Rock.

One of our very lovely views of the Morro Coast.

Our visit to the Elfin Forest. The kids had a great time spotting lizards and almost extinct indiginous plants to the California Central Coast. (We also told them that bad children get turned into bushes here because Camryn had a horrible attitude that day. I know, horrible parents...)

The beautiful view of Morro Rock from the Elfin Forest.

Thursday night we went into San Luis Obispo (SLO) for their infamous Farmer's Market. What an awesome place!! We met our friends, the Witts, there and enjoyed dinner and walking around. We also collected a great assortment of fruits and veggies for the rest of our trip!

The next day we headed into SLO again, this time to just browse the shops and have lunch. We ate at a yummy BBQ place. Here's Camryn & Kailey enjoying their matching (of course!) root beers.

The whole clan (minus me:)

Here's me and Blakey. Yes, I did go on this vacation! (I join the rest of the mothers out there who never end up in the pictures because we take them all!)

One of our yummy camping dinners

I had this brainhaired idea to attempt these orange cakes I had heard of a while back.
Step 1: Hollow out oranges and fill with cake batter (boxed, of course!)

Step 2: Wrap in foil and set in campfire

Step 3: Open up and devour!! They were pretty good, except when you got to the bitter pithy part of the orange. Not sure if I would attemp these again... but they were fun to try!
Blakey's FAVORITE part of the entire trip- BIRDS!!

On our little hike to see the tidepools

View from our hike

There were awesome tidepools that the kids had a great time looking at.

The two peas-in-a-pod!

Riley, Tyler, Kailey and Camryn- BUDS!!

Daddy showing one of the many creatures he always seems to know all about :)

Blake loved the sea star!

And Ty's favorite were the hermit crabs!!

One of my favorite pictures- he is a great age to snap pics of!

My three beauties!!

All in all we had a great time- nothing's better than wonderful memories!!!

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cathy said...

Love, love, the pics. When I was about 11, went to Morro Bay with my mom and dad, and we met Jim and Sandy and kids there. Of course your dad was there. Loved Morro Bay. Just unlike the LA area for sure. Glad you guys had an experience to remember for life. Hugs LV Auntie