Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Day... without Daddy :(

With Matt working this Valentine's Day, I decided I would come up with some fun stuff to do with the kids. (Not that we do anything major, anyways!) So, I decided to surprise Matt and made cupcakes (see bsweetcakes for pix :) to take to the fire station. We had never been to his new station so it was a good excuse to make a trip down there.

He gave us a tour of the station, as well as "his" engine.
The kids always have fun looking around.

Matt got to take us for a ride around the block.. thank goodness he didn't get any
calls while we were out!

After our outing, I decided I was too tired to do anything for dinner. We stopped by Lascari's and got some pizza dough and sauce (super cheap!) and made ourselves some heart shaped pizzas. The kids really got a kick out of that...

Then I let Camryn go to town and decorate an extra cake I had. I think she used up a whole container of sprinkles, but she loved it & was so proud of her cake!

All in all it was a fun day, better than I thought it would be!! I just love Valentine's Day!!

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cathy said...

Aly, you make life so fun for the kids. Think of all the wonderful memories that you are creating with simple things. The kids are so-o-o lucky to have you for a mom. And Matt is lucky to have you for a wife and mother. You got my top prize. Loved the pics too. Hugs and kisses LV Auntie