Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Another Big Day for Ty

So yesterday we went for Tyler's Ophthalmology appointment.  We first noticed that he was having trouble in March, when he started to close his left eye when he focused on something up close.  Then he had a vision screening at preschool in April, who told us that his left eye turned in a little, but not to worry until he turned 4. We brought it up to his pediatrician in July and she referred us to the doctor he saw yesterday.  So, she said he has a condition called Strabismus, where his eye turns inward because of a weak eye muscle and coordination.  She said usually there is poor vision related to it, and that he would probably just need glasses to correct it. Luckily, we caught it early enough that we don't need to patch his eye (which they do in some cases).  He will most likely need to wear glasses throughout his childhood, and will possibly outgrow it in his teen years.  
He did so well in his appointment, from the eye drops to dilate his eyes, to the little picture charts (he called the little car a "quad"- it was cute!).  Both Matt and I had mixed emotions. On the one hand, we were so glad it was early enough that it could be fixed with just glasses, but on the other hand our baby needed glasses!!  I think we were ok until they put on an informational video for us to watch. It was hard to hear that he now had a 'condition', and that he would 'suffer' from it for the rest of his life. I started to tear up a bit. Poor baby! 
Tyler is excited about his glasses, though. One good thing is that the doctor said that usually these kids LOVE their glasses because thay can SEE with them! So we shouldn't have a problem with him keeping them on. It will just take a bit to get used to looking through them. 

Here he is in the doctor's office, in the chair all by himself! He had the 'funny glasses' on.

These will be his new glasses! Of course without all the stickers on them. They will come in next week, so be ready for an all new (and improved) Tyler!!


George said...

Let him know his Uncle just had the dilation and all that junk so I know how that went.

Also tell him that glasses are uber cool just like his uncle has! LOL

He looks so cute.

I teared up too Aly.

lisajem said...

He looks sooo cute with them!!

Thank God it was caught early enough!!