Wednesday, August 27, 2008


So I've come to the realization that I don't have much time left before the littlest squirt is on the move! I came in to his room this morning and this is what I found:

Cute, yes, I know but REALLY!?! On his knees, ready to fly out of his crib! And he thought it was hilarious! 

I guess it's time to lower the crib and count down the days until it's no longer safe to leave his side. Wish me luck. 
Oh, and by the way, I KNOW he needs another haircut!!


micksmom28 said...

He's growing too fast!!! Tie him to a chair or something. I can't keep up! AAAHHHH!!!

Andrea said...

PUT A BOOK ON HIS HEAD! Seriously, he's like a weed!

He'll probably be walking when I see him in three weeks... yeah- three.

George said...

Dude. His hair is that long already! He is so cute Aly. What a sweetheart.

cathy said...

I cannot believe that he is looking more and more like a young man. Stop feeding him those growing vitamins. But he's precious as always. Miss all three of them. And yes, I still relive the visit. BOO-HOO
LV Auntie